Due to the medium principle, fluorine valve will be jammed or blocked, unable to work, at this time, it should avoid the occurrence, or carries on the processing, this paper mainly introduces several methods:
Cleaning method
Pipe welding slag, rust, slag in the throttle, steering parts, balance valve cover holes caused by blocked or stuck to the spool surface, surface oriented production strain and scratches, sealing surface indentation and so on. This often occurs in the initial stage of the new commissioning system. This is the most common fault. In this case, we must remove the cleaning, remove residue, the sealing surface should be ground by the injury; at the same time, open the bottom plug, to flush from the balance under the valve cover hole fall into the slag material, and pipe for flushing.

External scour method
Some easy to precipitate solid particles of the medium containing the ordinary valve adjustment, often plugged in the throttle, guide, can be connected in eroding gas valve cover Cypriot department and steam. When the valve is blocked or stuck, the external gas or steam valve is opened, so that the flushing operation can be completed under the condition that the lining valve is not moved, so that the valve is in normal operation.
Pipe filter Installation method
For small caliber lining valve, especially super small flow lining control valve, its throttle clearance is very small, medium can not have a little slag. In case of congestion, it is better to install a filter on the front of the valve to ensure the smooth passage of the medium. With the use of the positioner of fluorine control valve, locator work is not normal, its gas path throttling plug is the most common fault. Therefore, when the belt positioner work, you must handle the gas source, the usual method is to install the air filter pressure reducing valve in front of the positioner gas pipeline.

Increasing throttling clearance method
The medium of solid particles or pipe was washed away with things such as welding slag and rust caused by congestion, stuck fault because can not throttle, can use larger throttle clearance a throttle area of open window, open the valve spool and sleeve, because its cutting area of focus instead of circular distribution. The fault can easily be excluded. If it is a single, two seat valve, the spool can be changed to “V” – shaped mouth of the spool, or into a sleeve valve. For example, a chemical plant has a two seat valve often stuck, and recommended to use the sleeve valve, the problem will be resolved immediately.
Medium scour method
The use of the medium’s own erosion energy, to improve the anti blocking function of the valve. The common methods are as follows: for closed type flow; with a streamlined body; the throttle put the most severe erosion, using this method should pay attention to improve the erosion resistance of cutting pieces of material.
Straight to corner method
Flow path is complex, the upper and lower cavity, dead space, for the precipitation of the medium provides a place. Angle connection, the medium is like flowing through the elbow, the erosion performance is good, the dead zone is small, easy to design into the flow line. Therefore, the use of straight through lining fluorine control valve to produce slight congestion can be changed to angle valve.

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