Fixed ball valve features
1, double block and emission features: the fixed valve seat by spring preload variable, whether the valve is fully open or fully closed state, on the downstream side of the seat to block the body cavity fluid, the retentate through the discharge valve.

2, automatic pressure relief valve body cavity retention function: the temperature rise caused by abnormal pressure, without going through the safety valve, and the valve seat can function alone, to ensure the safety of the valve in the delivery of liquid medium.

3, fire safety structure: the valve has fire safety function, its design and manufacture comply with the requirements of API607 and API6FA.


Advantages of fixed ball valves:
1, sealing grease emergency ambulance: as the foreign media or fire caused by failure of the valve seat sealing, valve grease and grease gun provides fast connection, convenient to be injected into the valve seat seal parts, relieve leakage.
2, reliable stem sealing and low operating torque: in addition to setting the standard sealing ring, the packing gland has also set up a “O” type sealing ring, double seals to ensure the reliability of the valve stem seals; addition of graphite filler and seal fat into the fire so that the valve stem leakage to a minimum. The stem plain bearings and thrust bearings make the valve easy to operate.

3, full diameter or shrink diameter: according to the needs of the use of full diameter or shrinkage structure. The diameter and the bore of the all way valve are the same as the diameter of the pipeline, so that it is easy to clean the pipeline.
4, the valve stem can be lengthened: according to the installation or operation needs, can be extended to the valve stem. The utility model relates to an extension rod ball valve, which is particularly suitable for occasions such as city gas, etc., that a buried pipeline is needed. The lengthened stem size is determined according to customer requirements.
5, flexible operation: with small friction coefficient and good self lubrication of the valve seat and stem bearings, greatly reducing the valve operating torque. As a result, the valve can be operated flexibly and freely even in the absence of a sealed grease.

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