Ball valve is a ball with a circular channel for opening and closing parts, the ball with the stem rotation to achieve open and close operation of the valve. The opening and closing of the ball valve is a ball with a hole, rotating around the axis perpendicular to the channel, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the channel. The ball valve is mainly used for opening and closing pipes and equipment.

Main advantages of valve are as follows:
1 for regular operation, open and close quickly, light.
2 small fluid resistance.
3 the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, relatively small size, light weight and convenient maintenance.
4 good sealing performance
5 is not limited by the installation direction, the flow of media can be arbitrary.
6 no vibration, little noise.


The main disadvantages are as follows:
According to the structure,sanitary ball valves can be divided into: floating ball valve, ball valve and oil seal ball valve; according to the channel, it can be divided into straight energy, angle and three general formulas, the three general formulas, it can be divided into T and L shape. According to the connection, it can be divided into three types such as threaded connections, flange connections and welding.

Ball valve installation and maintenance should pay attention to the following matters:
1 to leave the valve handle rotation position
2 cannot be used as throttling.
3 ball valve should be installed upright with transmission mechanism.


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