Butterfly valve test and installation
Test and adjustment
1, the product either manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical components in the factory are subject to stringent testing, sealing in the re examination, the import and export should be uniform on both sides of the fixed, closed butterfly valve, pressure on the import side, there is no leakage phenomenon observed in the export side, before the experiment, we should open the disc plate, to prevent damage to the sealing.
2, although the factory before the strict inspection and testing, but also the existence of individual products in transit automatic screw displacement, need to re adjust, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc., please read the supporting device manual.
3, the electric drive butterfly valve control mechanism has a good close travel adjustment. In order to prevent the power supply connected to a wrong direction, the user first switched on, first open the manual to check in half open position, press the power switch indicator direction and the valve can be closed in the same direction.


Common fault and elimination method
1, verify whether the installation of factory product performance and medium flow arrow with the movement condition before, and clean the valve plug cavity, the sealing ring and the butterfly board with foreign impurities not allowed, no pre cleaning must not allowed to close the disc, so as not to damage the sealing ring.
2, disc plate supporting flange is recommended to install special flange butterfly valve.
3, installed in the pipeline in the position, the best position for vertical installation, but can not flip.
4, the use of the need to adjust the flow, there are worm gear box control.
5, sanitary butterfly valves can be opened the worm wheel cover, check whether the normal butter should maintain the right amount of butter.
6, check the connection part of the press, that is to ensure that the packing of the bees, but also to ensure flexible stem rotation.
7, metal sealing butterfly valve products are not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline, such as must be installed at the end of the pipeline, need to be equipped with outlet flange, to prevent the backlog of seals.
8, using the valve stem to install the reaction regularly and check the use of the valve, found in time troubleshooting.


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